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Cub Adopts (Prices Lowered) by Claire-Cooper Cub Adopts (Prices Lowered) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 7 5 Pride Adopts by Claire-Cooper Pride Adopts :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 9 21 Cute Cub Adopts (GONE) by Claire-Cooper Cute Cub Adopts (GONE) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 8 9 Toothless and Light Fury Children by Claire-Cooper Toothless and Light Fury Children :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 17 6 Mixed Breed Adopts OTA (OPEN) by Claire-Cooper Mixed Breed Adopts OTA (OPEN) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 13 12 Ajani, Only son of Kiara and Kovu by Claire-Cooper Ajani, Only son of Kiara and Kovu :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 29 4 Outlander Cub Adopts (1 left) by Claire-Cooper Outlander Cub Adopts (1 left) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 17 30 TLG Outlander Oc by Claire-Cooper TLG Outlander Oc :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 10 12 I love you too much.. by Claire-Cooper I love you too much.. :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 29 2 Collab With Azerae. by Claire-Cooper Collab With Azerae. :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 7 0 Wow that's so cool (Collab) by Claire-Cooper Wow that's so cool (Collab) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 6 4 Pride Adopts (Prices Lowered and Open) by Claire-Cooper Pride Adopts (Prices Lowered and Open) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 15 13 Lil-Cheetah Cub Designs. by Claire-Cooper Lil-Cheetah Cub Designs. :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 10 2 Random Cub Adoptions by Claire-Cooper Random Cub Adoptions :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 12 14 Crackship Pups OTA (GONE) by Claire-Cooper Crackship Pups OTA (GONE) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 29 26 Young Cub Adopts (PRICES LOWERED/OPEN) by Claire-Cooper Young Cub Adopts (PRICES LOWERED/OPEN) :iconclaire-cooper:Claire-Cooper 27 20





Wild Cat Adopts (3 Left)
Yep made more adoptables. (As you can see 3 and 8 are a bit different.)
Note: The Download button is for people who are PAYING. If you attempt to steal these lines after not purchasing them (And I do ask Crystal to make sure I will report you for theft if you use these designs or lines without the permission of the original creators.)

Lines (c) oCrystal 

1. xMiss-Murder

2. xMiss-Murder

3. Primus2247

4. Primus2247

5. Primus2247

6. Primus2247

7. xMiss-Murder

8. 70 points

9. Ninjaturtlegirl1

10. xMiss-Murder

11. Ninjaturtlegirl1

12. Ninjaturtlegirl1

13. 60 points

14. ToniJerboa
Mixed Breed Adopts OTA (OPEN)
1. Dalmatian Mix 
Status: Open

2. Doberman Mix
Status: Taken by :iconyamatae:

3. Border Collie Mix
Status: Open

4. Husky Mix 
Status: Open

Lines xXXMizanXXx

EDIT: New ones added. 
EDIT 2: A few new ones added and some lions too.
EDIT 3: More MLP added.
EDIT 4: More MLP Ponies and two winged wolves added!
EDIT 5: More new Ponies added.
EDIT 6: Added a few more Lions and a few more Ponies. ENJOY
EDIT 7: A few more added. Feel free to look. 
EDIT 8: Added a couple more.
EDIT 9: Added a few more ponies, some lion designs that didn't get adopted, ect. 
EDIT 10: I added more ponies again and more lions and a little more. These ones will be harder to get because I do hold a bond to them but I want them to be used. 
EDIT 11: Hey, yeah I am pretty much getting rid of most of my MLP characters and only keeping the ones I know I have more of an bond too. So I have added a lot more. Please give it a look.
EDIT 12: Added a couple more lions.
EDIT 13: Added a few more lions and ponies. Old designs I forgot about.
EDIT 14: A few more ponies have been added.
EDIT 15: More ponies have been added along with a few lions here and there.
EDIT 16: I am in need of points so please make offers. 
EDIT 17: Added a few more
EDIT 18: A few more ponies we're added but they're new so offers may very meaning it depends on the offer if I will end up selling them or not.

UPDATE: Hello this is more of an update to tell you what's going on. My friend Azerae and I have decided to do a little business together. So you'll see a few designs up there that haven't yet been sold. Those that haven't been sold from her adopts will automatically go to me and put up in my folders so people make offer on them. The prices are somewhat negotiable but all profits will be split between me and Azerae. So before people complain that I am stealing her designs I have full permission from Azerae herself to put them up in my for sale section.

But no offers around 10-80 points isn't something I find to be fair for a lot of these characters.

Looking for Lions, Dogs, Ponies, Dragons or Gemsona's. I am trying to sell some of my characters. I am in a major need for points and a lot of my characters are never gonna get much use which I don't think is far. Some of these are OTA (Offer to Adopt) so feel free to make an offer. I will not always accept art or custom trades unless I like what I see or I know you well enough.

Points, Possible character trades. 
When it comes to species I am looking for Akiulfr's or Takota's. 
NOTE: I will be using them for different uses, I will not take claim of the species but I have no real use for the groups in general. I just like to have them with me for different uses.

Please be noted that if some of these belong to you and you do not wish to sell them or wish to buy them back please as I have asked before do not comment on the journal or the picture in question just please note me about it if you have any issues you'd like to discuss or would like to buy back. I do not know or remember which of these I can and cannot sell for I have bought a lot in my time. Please I ask that you be understanding of this.

There are prices on some of them. You may offer on others but if I do not feel like your offer isn't enough I will not accept it so please do not offer something like 20 points for some of my characters. In my eyes they are not worth twenty points. Old very old characters maybe but not all of em.

NOTE: This is a OTA. It means offer to adopt. I mostly take points and possibly customs or art/character trades should they interest me. If not then I will not accept it to which I have every right too.

You can comment below showing me which adopt you want or comment on the picture itself.
If you are interested in offering.
Cub Adopts (Prices Lowered)
Yep some new Cub adopts.

1. :iconhuyhuy24:

2. 120 points

3. 115 points

4. 120 points

5. 130 points

6. :iconhuyhuy24:

7. 100 points

8. 120 points

9. 140 points

10. 120 points

Lines are by Acid-Ash
I was gonna drop this whole situation because I was seeing this as a lost cause and we all know there is no point in continuing a lost cause. So since she had the nerve to get three of her friends after me in the span of an hour. I have been left no choice but to do this, but first of all I'd like to take the time to apologize to two of my friends ShatteredMisery and EmilieSushi who I promised I'd stop but the fact she's already gotten three of her friends after me has annoyed me to no end.

So I'm going to show her "So called friends." exactly why AlexaWayne is on my list. She has been caught tracing from artists, stealing from them and has continuously made sob stories and blocked people who told her she was in the wrong. 

A while back I had caught her tracing from the artist known as octopewz. When confronted she deleted the comments then blocked us only to delete the pic a few days later.

This was the pic she had traced. Confession of Scar by octopewz

And this was "Her art" Tracing. by Claire-Cooper

She hid it and didn't apologize for it. Didn't apologize to the artist or unblock us for simply telling her what she did wrong.

She then posted this on father's day, no credit to TsaoShin nor did she ask permission. 
Mufasa by Tsao by Claire-Cooper
This was her excuse: Excuse. by Claire-Cooper

This is an excuse, I don't care who believes it or not while I sympathize for a dead grandfather this is not and cannot be a reason you take someone else's artwork. It doesn't matter what the reason it is not allowed and you knew that deep down yet posted it anyway and your expecting people to pity you for something you did wrong.

Yet you still can't even admit you did anything wrong. This is not credit what you did was wrong and the fact your using your own friends as a means to attack me, as a means to get pity for something you did wrong is just downright degrading.

Many of my status have been bombarded by her friends who claim I was jealous of her, that I was a bully yet refuse to admit she did any wrong at all. I can admit I am aggressive at times but with people like this who are so busy believing their own bullshit they can't see the wrong they did it's ridiculous, it's insulting to real artists. To real artists who put time and effort into their work and not horribly trace from other people or screenshots that they find on google.

I honestly didn't want to degrade this to a journal but frankly I am sick and tired of her bullshit, I am. I am tired of her acting like she did nothing wrong it's so degrading to real hard respectful artists. To those who already have a hard enough time making themselves known and are put beneath insulting thieves like this is frankly horrid.

You want some good artists who actually put effort into their work I can link you to far better artists and people who are actually humble. Real artists. 
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She's taking her sob story and now claiming the artist who writes the batman comics talked to her.

Uh huh and I am related to the pope, No seriously I am, I spoke to him just a few minutes ago. 
So people jump at me for doing it yet she does this lmao xD Those of you who defend her are honestly disappointing. She's in the wrong and you still have the nerve to defend her for something "SHE DID WRONG" but again why bother explaining it her friends won't listen. 

I do not care what your reason is for taking fanart. It is still stealing. I don't care if your grandfather liked it, it was not yours to take. Yet you still can't see that and yet I'm the bad guy here. Figures. 
So apparently AlexaWayne called one of their friends after me for calling them out on their bullshit.

They left this comment. 
Wow_Childish by Claire-CooperThen made this journal.
Wow_Childish. by Claire-Cooper
Pride Adopts
Yep made some lovely little pride month adopts. I might be a bit late but who cares right.

Couple 1: Taken by :iconsaachi1399:

Family/Couple 2: Taken by :iconxmiss-murder:

Family/Couple 3: Taken by :iconxmiss-murder:

Family/Couple 4: Taken by :iconxmiss-murder:

Family/Couple 5:

12. 250 points

13. 130 points

14. Taken by :iconxmiss-murder:

Buy all three for: 380 points

Couple 6: Taken by :iconchibifinatic:

Lines we're done by :iconocrystal: 
Pity Party by Claire-Cooper

Are you fucking kidding me? AlexaWayne expects pity after she openly took fanart and made it into a portrait without the artist's permission. Now she's expecting people to feel bad because she knew what she did was wrong but wants pity for it anyway.

 And people are actually siding with her in this bullshit are you fucking kidding me? (Click on the image for full detail.) 
Happy Fathers Day by AlexaWayne  Just because you have me blocked does not give you the right to use TsaoShin artwork for your clip arts.
Outlander Cub Adopts (1 left)
Yep decided to do another one of these.

1. 120 points 

2. :iconxmiss-murder: 

3. :iconxmiss-murder:

4. :iconyllannastafford: 

5. :icontumblepatchkits:

6. :iconxmiss-murder:

7. :icontumblepatchkits:

8. :iconxmiss-murder:

9. :iconpaint-puff:

10. :iconxmiss-murder:

Lines we're done by XiuBae9
Cute Cub Adopts (GONE)
Yeah got bored again, So made some cute cub adopts.

All taken by: xMiss-Murder

Lines we're done by :iconjessirenee: 


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41,640 / 100,000
Just trying to aim for a goal. Would like to pay for some big commissions later on the future.

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SnowyReign Featured By Owner 2 minutes ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Accidentally unwatched when I just wanted to unclick a certain part of the watching. I like ur adopts and ur art and, of course, ur a good person and I do respect the things you do, but I am tired to seeing journals pop up almost weekly/monthly on things you catch and do with other ppl, like as of recent. 

I'm just a person who just doesn't like negative things and I'm trying to avoid that. You're doing good for the community and I deeply respect that. Just stuff as of late that you're doing via journals and status's I'm just tired of seeing, unless its important like that pedo incident, I would spread the word. Otherwise I hardly follow much of these things that pop up now and then (of course, there are babies out there who seek attention for what they do but this time), there's this recent thing that I just had enough and wanna move on.

I just wanna say, keep up the good work in what you do, art and journaling awareness, just won't follow a specific portion of me watching your channel anymore. I am just not into that stuff and won't be commenting on anything in the future regards to that. I rather not get into a mess that I regret. 
GreatMarta Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Hello. If you don't mind me asking, have you perhaps decided if the character you are designing for Lil-Cheetah is going to be a male or a female? I'm curious.
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Lil-Cheetah Cub Designs. by Claire-Cooper  I designed the cubs and the genders are already mentioned.
GreatMarta Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Oh, thank you! Seems my glasses stopped working for a moment and I missed them. They're lovely ^_^
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
It's okay it happens and your welcome. 
BlitzBine Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
I finally found the charger to my laptop and have deleted the post and I'm going to post my own drawings from now on, you have reminded me of how people take other people's art and I don't want to be that person, thank you
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
thank you for being mature about it
BlitzBine Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
You're welcome and I understand that I was in the wrong
Namirithecheepard123 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, can you send me a note? I want to talk with you
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Nope, I know your friends with Alexa and I'm not gonna listen to people defend her lies and sob stories anymore. So no I will not note you. 
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